Thursday, May 21, 2015

Beginning JUNE 4 - NEW Central VA History Class at the Senior Center

Senior Center Inc.’s
Virginia Vignettes:
Famous Characters & Events in Central Virginia History
Lecturer: Historian Rick Britton

Introduction—Although named after Britton’s 2015 book, our “Virginia Vignettes” class presents an entirely different set of “characters & events”: The Monacan were a proud people who flourished in the Virginia Piedmont, warred against the Tidewater’s Powhatan Nation, and left behind a structure that piqued the interest of a budding archaeologist. French engineer Claudius Crozet—who’d served in Napoleon Bonaparte’s army—dug under Afton Mountain what became the world’s longest railroad tunnel. Overshadowed by other momentous events, the Battle of Trevilian Station—the Civil War’s largest all-cavalry fight—threatened the very existence of R. E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia. Demure Charlottesville charmer Maud Coleman Woods, thanks to the efforts of a New York writer and photographer, appeared on the front pages of all of America’s largest newspapers. A name familiar to long-time central Virginia residents, Monticello Dairy—despite its rather humble origin—became for many decades the “taste” of central Virginia! 
Our LecturerA much-sought-after speaker, Rick Britton has published scores of articles on central Virginia history, as well as two previous books—Albemarle & Charlottesville: An Illustrated History and Jefferson: A Monticello Sampler. Come hear him weave his fascinating central Virginia stories!

The Class—At the Senior Center Inc. on five consecutive Thursdays sessions, 6:oo–7:3o pm. Charge: Senior Center members: $7o.oo—guests: $8o.oo.

• Thursday, June 4th - 6:oo pm – The Monacan Nation: People of the Piedmont
• Thursday, June 11th - 6:oo pm – Claudius Crozet & the Blue Ridge Tunnel
• Thursday, June 18th - 6:oo pm – Sheridan vs. Hampton: the Battle of Trevilian Station
• Thursday, June 25th - 6:oo pm - Maud Coleman Woods: C’ville’s Own “Miss America”
• Thursday, July 9th - 6:oo pm – Monticello Dairy: The “Taste” of Central Virginia  

• Thursday, July 16th – Travel Session: Trevilian Station Battlefield, Exchange Hotel, & Maplewood Cemetery - A Civil War day-trip led by historian Rick Britton featuring: Charlottesville’s Maplewood Cemetery (final resting place of Confederate Generals John M. Jones and Armistead L. Long), Gordonsville’s Exchange Hotel (where 70,000 sick and wounded soldiers were treated during the war), lunch at the fabulous BBQ Exchange, and then an entire afternoon on the Trevilian Station Battlefield. The Civil War’s largest all-cavalry battle, Trevilian Station pitted Union Gen. Philip Sheridan against Confederate Gen. Wade Hampton. (Tour departs 9:oo a.m., returns between 5:3o & 6:30 p.m. Travel Session is a separate charge.)

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