Monday, November 9, 2015

C-VILLE WEEKLY: "The Moon Ghost of Albemarle" by Rick Britton

(Illustration: Brian Hubble)
". . . Evening turned to night as the jittery UVA students—along with a few other well-armed volunteers—stood guard among the property’s trees, shrubs and outbuildings. Before long someone cried out that the ghost was inside the home.  . . ." > THE REST OF THE STORY

Friday, November 6, 2015

[PODCAST] About the American Civil War Museum

Discover the rich history of the American Civil War and how you can experience it for yourself at the American Civil War Museum and White House of the Confederacy in Richmond. Lou Dean of Virginia Voice talks with Co-CEO Waite Rawls III about what is different since the Museum of the Confederacy merged with the American Civil War Center at historic Tredegar to become the American Civil War Museum. (28 minutes)

--Virginia Voice is a nonprofit organization. They provide audio reading and information service to individuals who are blind, have low vision or other disabilities that make independent reading a challenge.