Monday, August 1, 2016

Albemarle County in the Civil War

Thursdays in August – 4 p.m. –  OLLI at U.Va. in Partnership with Michie Tavern is offering a special Summer Session presented by award-winning Civil War historian Rick Britton entitled “Albemarle County in the Civil War!” Albemarle County supported the Confederacy in several significant ways—war materiel was produced for the army; medical care was provided on a massive scale; and, of course, thousands of local men and boys fought, bled, and died. One locally raised scrapper became the war’s most famous partisan leader. And the locally raised infantry regiment, the 19th Virginia, became one of Robert E. Lee’s most steadfast units. During Albemarle’s one combat—when future Indian-fighter George Armstrong Custer paid an unwelcome visit—the plucky Southern defenders used every trick in the book to turn the tide.
Join us as we learn about “Albemarle County in the Civil War!”
Aug. 9 – Blood & Treasure: Albemarle County’s Confederate War Effort
Aug. 16 – Albemarle Boys in Pickett’s Charge
Aug. 23 – John Singleton Mosby: Guerilla Fighter Extraordinaire
Aug. 30 – The “Battle” of Rio Hill: George Armstrong Custer Comes A-Callin’

The events begin at 4 p.m. Lectures begin promptly at 4:30. Q&A follows until 5:30. The $16.00 fee for each includes the lecture, cheese, two glasses of wine, a book-signing, and a complimentary tour of historic Michie Tavern. Sign up today! Go to OLLI’s online registration system:  NOTE: You must be an OLLI member for the fall 2016 semester to participate in this special Summer Session.

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