Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Early History of Albemarle County - First lecture January 26

Thursday, January 26 – 10:30 a.m. – OLLI at UVA commences its special Winter Session at Michie Tavern“The Early History of Albemarle County!” is a series of FOUR lectures presented by award-winning historian Rick Britton.

Albemarle County has been an impressive place since time immemorial. With an amazingly fertile soil, it’s boasted a wide diversity of native flora and fauna. It’s earliest known inhabitants—the Monacans—built semi-permanent villages, and warred against the Powhatan. In 1762 Dr. Thomas Walker laid out the town of Charlottesville, which at first could not compete with our region’s most prominent settlement, Milton on the Rivanna. Traveling was difficult in the early days: the roads were infamously bad, and the fords were frequently impassable. Taverns offered travelers a much-needed respite. Join us at Michie Tavern—one of Albemarle’s most beautiful historic settings—as we explore “The Early History of Albemarle County!”

Jan. 26 – Albemarle’s Beginnings: the Monacans, the Land and Its Settlement by Europeans
Feb. 2 – Brilliance Forgotten: Dr. Thomas Walker & the Founding of Charlottesville
Feb. 9 – Albemarle’s Lost Town: Milton on the Rivanna
Feb. 16 – Traveling Albemarle: The County’s Roads, Taverns, & Rivers

The lectures begin at 10:30 a.m. A Q&A period follows at 11:15, with lunch at 11:30. The $22 fee for each event includes the lecture, lunch with the speaker, a book signing, and a complimentary ticket for a tour of historic Michie Tavern. 

Registration begins on January 17. To register, or for more info, go to the web-site ( or call (434) 923-3600.

While you're at Michie Tavern:

THE ARMORY & ARTIFACTS SHOP at MICHIE TAVERN features a fantastic collection of antique muskets and rifles, as well as pistols and swords. (Beautifully laid out, the shop looks like a museum, but all of its items are for sale. Ask the salesperson if you can handle the Civil War cavalry carbines, or the Revolutionary War-era flintlocks!) The Armory also carries books, Civil War currency and newspapers, military accouterments, 19th-century civilian and military photographs, and a large supply of excavated battlefield relics including cannon balls. Every item for sale is authentic. The Armory is open daily 11:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information call (434) 977-1234 or go to the web-site (

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